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Koontz Electric Company offers NFPA 70E compliance and electrical testing solutions to protect our customers' facilities from arc flash and other electrical hazards. 

NFPA 70E OSHA Fact Sheet

The updated standards harmonize construction and general industry requirements so that the same rules apply generally to the same kinds of work. In addition, OSHA based its revisions on the latest consensus standards and improvements in electrical safety technology...  continue reading

De-Energized Electrical Services

De-energized services will be performed at a mutually agreed schedule, while your electrical distribution system and/or electrical component(s) is de-energized and include the following...  continue reading

Energized Electrical Services

Energized services will be performed annually, at a minimum, and while your electrical distribution system is energized...  continue reading

Infrared Thermographic Inspection

Infrared inspections on electric panels without removing covers: Can the inspection be completed correctly?  continue reading

TEGG Guaranteed Programs

TEGG's Basic, Prime and Premium guaranteed programs for your electrical distribution systems...  click for more info

Arc Flash / Coordination Studies

Does your facility need to be NFPA 70E arc flash compliant? Follow this six point compliance checklist to ensure that your facility and employees...  continue reading

Breaker Testing