Benny Koontz "KEEP SMILIN"


Benny Koontz was born in 1950, the oldest of 5 siblings and living with his parents Keith and Nancy in Morrilton long before he was President and CEO of Koontz Electric Company. Much of his love for engineering and construction came from his father Keith and grandfather Carl who both worked in construction as a lifetime trade.

Keith Koontz formed a small electric company in the fall of 1958 and Benny began working with his dad. This early development of Koontz Electric Company, Inc. consisted of nothing more than a single service truck and Keith Koontz’s strong work ethic and professionalism as an electrician.

After graduating from Morrilton High School, Benny attended the University of Arkansas.  He graduated in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering. For the next six years, he gained valuable experience working with Arkansas Kraft Corp., a division of Green Bay Packaging, Inc., and briefly with General Electric.

In 1978, Benny decided to leave Arkansas Kraft Corp. and join his dad as Vice President of Koontz Electric. Over the next few years, Benny and Keith worked to strengthen the company before focusing its direction from HVAC and residential to heavy industrial work.

In the 1980s, Benny became more involved in economic development on both a city and state level. In 1985, then-Governor Bill Clinton appointed him as a Commissioner on the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission, where he was twice elected as Chairman.  He was also named Volunteer of the Year of the Industrial Developers of Arkansas.

 In 1994, with the company at its strongest, Keith Koontz retired and Benny made his own investment into Koontz Electric. Though the company has faced many challenges since then, Benny believes the tireless dedication of the employees is the primary reason the company has been able to not just survive but thrive. Benny always said that “Our Power is in Our People”, and always believed that by investing in and empowering his fellow employees success would surely follow. 


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