Good Catch Program

The Good Catch Program is a Safety recognition program to reinforce our commitment to “Zero is Achievable”.

On all projects, a robust process for reporting and learning from good catch events and stop-work actions should already exist. The Good Catch program is intended to encourage and reinforce these critical safety activities, by formal recognition and reward.  

Good Catch: An incident in which personal injury or property damage was avoided by hazard recognition and avoidance by Koontz Electric employee.

Stop Work: A situation in which a Koontz Electric employee observes an unsafe condition or act that could affect the safety of personnel and/or property and takes immediate action to stop work, place it in a safe state, and report the event to the supervisor.

Reporting good catches and stopping unsafe work actions play a critical role in preventing incidents and helping us learn from mistakes. When we proactively focus on small events and near-misses, we gain the opportunity to correct our processes, raise awareness, and avoid unsafe behavior.

 “Zero is Achievable”.

March 2020 Good Catch Award
February 2020 Good Catch Award