April 2021 Good Catch Award

The April Good Catch Award goes to the Fort Peck crew in Montana.  

JMS set up their crane to load the old 80,000lbs transformer onto the disposal truck. Once the transformer was rigged, the operator held the load for 5 minutes before picking it off the ground. This was to ensure the rigging and outriggers were secure before lifting the load. During this time it was discovered that one of the outrigger pads was starting to sink. The crew watched to see if the outrigger pad continued to sink while holding tension on the line. The pad continued to sink slowly. The crane operator wanted to pick the load regardless of the sinking outrigger pad. He was stopped from any crane movement by Koontz.

The potential risk: The crane could have tipped over once the load was fully lifted off the ground due to the soft ground underneath the outrigger pad.

Contributing Factors of the Good Catch:  The crew members involved were focused on the task and were looking for all potential hazards. The crew had a questioning attitude towards the stability of the pads and the crane operator’s judgment.

Action taken: The crane operator was instructed to release the load, unhook from the transformer and move the crane in a new location. The outrigger pads were placed on a more solid surface and visually inspected before picking the transformer. The new location was acceptable and approved by all crew members involved.

Congratulations to the Fort Peck crew: Ben Noll (Superintendent), Brady Maxwell, Roderick Bennett, Lucas Harris, Scotty Jerrell, Denver Warren, Brandon Holder, Kase Reel, Blake Wyles, Scott Borden, Ben Allen, Brent Story. 

Safety First!