August 2021 Good Catch Award

The Good Catch winner for August is the Sault Ste. Marie crew! During pothead reconnection to the 15kV breaker at the powerplant, they torqued the bolts to 26ft pounds, per the COE personnel at the plant. Upon rechecking the torque with a digital torque wrench, the nut continued to turn and would not reach the torque value. The crew made the call to remove the bolt/nut assembly. Upon inspection, the bolts had stretched about 1/8” and were only grade 5. The plant personnel said the bolts had been off numerous times and no one ever checked the bolts. The crew installed Grade 8 bolt/nut assemblies. Each was torqued and rechecked torqued. Good Catch! The crew prevented an explosion or loss of power to the grid.

Congratulations to the following crew members!

  • Brien May
  • Brandon Holder
  • Oswaldo Alvarez
  • Jarrett May
  • Jeff Spand
  • Taylor May
  • Kwan Black
  • James Plummer