February 2020 Good Catch Award

Our Good Catch Safety Award for the month of February 2020, has been selected and has been awarded to the crew working at Ranch Road, OK.

Foreman, Adam Clark and his crew were working in a substation and during their grounding procedure, the OC asked them to deviate from their procedure. Adam and his crew stopped work, explained our procedure to the OC, and why we could not deviate. The potential hazard was energized equipment and is the reason we test all points before hanging grounds. This shows the crew not only knows that anyone can stop work at any time but actually executes this practice. Again like last month, hazard recognition is key. If we cannot identify hazards we cannot avoid and mitigate them.

Mr. Clark very good use of our programs in evaluating your situation and putting thought into your actions and not just taking direction from the owner. Great Work!