• Ice Harbor Lock & Dam
    2763 Monument Drive
    Burbank, WA 99323

The project included procurement and replacement of six manually operated 115kV unit disconnect switches with new motor operated 115kV disconnect switches, two manually operated 115kV bus sectionalizing disconnect switches with new motor operated 115kV disconnect switches, and three manually operated 115kV line disconnect switches and their respective ground switches with new motor operated 115kV disconnect switches and new motor operated ground switches. Koontz extended a new 125VDC circuit to each new switch motor operator from the main unit auxiliary panels in the generator bays. In addition, Koontz provided remote control of the line disconnect switches and grounding switches in the control room in a new control panel. Koontz replaced three sets of 115kV bus potential transformers (PT's) for the BPA lines, including their existing wiring to the SCR boards in the control room. Koontz provided and connected three sets of surge arrestors for the BPA lines to the 115kV bus sections, including contractor designed support structures for mounting the arrestors on the transformer deck. Finally, Koontz installed new cable tray for all new power and control circuits for the new switch operators and PTs. 146, 185, and 159.

Initial Mobilization / Completion Date

10/17/2018 - 8/1/2019

Contract Amount:


Job Number:



US Army Corps of Engineers
Walla Walla District
POC: Jani Long

General Contractor:

Koontz Electric Co., Inc.
PM: James Zimmerman