March 2021 Good Catch Award

March Good Catch goes to the crew at the Dardanelle Rehab Exciter Project.  While torqueing the field leads at the slip rings they noticed that one of the nuts was cracked for the termination.  The nut was torqued to bolt specs and held.  KECI's "PEER CHECK" method/procedure caught this faulty install.  The potential risk was, the vibration in the top hat for the exciter assembly is severe which would have vibrated the connection loose that would result to damage of equipment, damage to the cable, slip rings, exciter rotor, brushes, brush holders, shunt, and top hat.  Installation replacement nut and torqued to bolt specification.  "PEER CHECKED"  Check, Check and Recheck!

Dardanelle Rehab Exciter Crew: Superintendents Billy Jackson and Robert Bryant.  Crew: Jeff Spand, Trent Ludwig, Brent Story, Franky Dominguez, Bryan Arias, Denver Warren and Joshua King.