May 2021 Good Catch Award

The May Good Catch Award goes to the crew at the Plum Point MCC Project in Osceola.  

Working on an outage on MCC131. The Main feed was LOTO. All controls are internally fed per associated starter bucket. At demo time the plant was in the dark installing a generator to provide temporary power. We treated and treat everything like it is hot until verified.  Once new MCC was set and it was time to re-stuff the cables, we discussed in JSA to tic trace each cable to verify still de-energized since the plant was being fed from a different/temporary power source.  Our procedure PAID OFF!  We found that a 120VAC circuit was energized due to the temporary power source.  Space Heater circuit.  

Potential Risk: Electrocution/electric shock.  Damage to tools and equipment.  Slips, Trips, Falls of the scaffold.

Contributing Factors of Good Catch:  When we dropped the cables we protected the ends of the wires so that no copper was showing ensuring that there was never any risk for copper to metal contact or phase to phase contact.  Also, we used our KECI policy on treating everything like it's hot until verified.

Action Taken: Told our Gateway contact and Plum Point contact and got them to trace the circuit down to be placed under LOTO.  We added red tape to the cable to add a danger/caution appeal as a trigger to not touch until the circuit was in the safe position.

Congratulations to the Plum Point Crew:  Billy Jackson (Superintendent), Robert Bryant (Superintendent), Robert Finders, Philip Noll, Ronnie McQuain, Jeff Spand, Trent Ludwig, Franky Dominguez, Travis Whitson, Shon Hastings, Shane Belote, Greg Taylor.