October 2020 Good Catch Award

Our Good Catch for October 2020 has been awarded to (2) crews this month.

The Gilmore Crew, Marcus Canady, Jimmy Tyson, Devon Orr, Kwan Black and Jacob West, found a potential shock hazard with an exposed wire at a substation light. The bad spot was removed.

The Denison Crew located many fishing lures on the fence in the work area, and it was discovered fishermen could cast onto the deck. The lures where removed and a policy has been put into place. The policy is to look for fishermen and ask them not to cast in the direction of the deck. The Denison Crew members are Ben Noll, Logan McCoy, Bryan Arias, William Berry, Scotty Jerrell, Denver Warren, Brandon Holder, Darrell Egger, Justin Crowder, Scott Borden, Preston Kennedy, and Brett Story.

Each Good Catch was caught while doing the pre-walk down of the work area.

Congratulations to each Good Catch Crews!