Arkansas-Missouri Railroad Bridge Lift

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General Contractor

Bridge Lift Span improvements for the Arkansas-Missouri Railroad
Located over the Arkansas River between Van Buren and Ft Smith
Subcontractor to OCCI, Inc.
Scope of Work:
Repair, rehabilitation, and improvements to the bridge lift span’s mechanical and electrical systems. Includes replacement and upgrades to the bridge’s electrical infrastructure for providing a new electrical utility service and new electrical distribution equipment to power all circuits on the bridge. Replace the main motor drive system that raises and lowers the lift span with a new braking resistor, MCC, and VFD. Installation of a new security alarm system at the Machine Room. Replacement of the boat detection system, and a new CCTV camera system to monitor river and rail traffic. Assist with the installation of a PLC control system and integrating the new monitoring and electrical systems into the control system. Upgrade the navigation and maintenance of light fixtures with new LED fixtures.