• Dardanelle Powerhouse
    1022 Dardanelle Dam Road
    Dardanelle, AR 72834

The scope of work consisted of replacing four existing excitation systems.  This included exciter cubicles, exciter DC cables from the exciter to collector rings, AC cables from the switchgear to the excitation transformer, excitation, transformer, excitation transformer disconnect switch, current-limiting fuses at the 15kV switchgear, cables between exciter and control room, and control board devices.  Install, test, commission, and make ready for commercial operation of four new excitation systems at Dardanelle Power Plant, including floor repair and furnishing and installing the wire, cable, meters, switches, and all other required appurtenances and modifying conduits as required.  Furnish, install, test, and make operational four complete sets of brushes and brush holder assemblies.

Initial Mobilization / Estimated Completion Date

9/7/2020 - 11/30/2020

Contract Amount:


Job Number:



US Army Corps of Engineers
Little Rock District

General / Subcontractor

GC: All Energy Solutions
POC: Jordan Beard

Sub: Koontz Electric Co., Inc.
PM: Jamie Zimmerman