• Sam Rayburn Dam & Reservoir
    7696 RR 255 West
    Jasper, TX 75951

Scope of work consist of replacing the existing main 480VAC station service switchgear with new 480VAC switchgear.  Installing remote control cabinet, meters, protective relays, and connecting to the existing data concentrator.  Replacement of the existing 480VAC main lighting panel with a new panelboard in a freestanding enclosure.  Replacing the eight existing 480VAC motor control centers, air compressor distribution center, air conditioning, heating, and vent distribution center No. 1, unit distribution center No. 2, and water treatment distribution center with new motor control centers.  Replacing the existing 480VAC maintenance shop distribution panel with 120/240VAC maintenance shop panel with new panelboards.  Replacing the existing 480VAC switchyard distribution panel and 120/208VAC switchyard distribution panel with new panelboards. Replace the existing 120/208VAC lighting panel.  Replace three of the existing 30kVA 120/208VAC lighting transformers and five of the existing 25kVA 120/240VAC lighting transformers with new lighting transformers.  Remove the affected existing HVAC controls associated wiring and devices and replace with new equipment.  And replace all existing 480VAC receptacles.

Initial Mobilization / Est Completion Date

8/2/2021 - 12/31/2021

Contract Amount:


Job Number:



USACE - Little Rock District
POC: Sarah Hagood

General Contractor:

Koontz Electric Co., Inc.
PM: Stephen Andrews