September 2021 Good Catch Award

September’s Good Catch goes to the Sam Rayburn Crew!

The COE installed the clearance on Unit 2. All tags were in place and looked sufficient. As the crew went over the one-line and walked down the clearance, they noticed that the 480V AC backup generator feed would not be under clearance if the transfer switch was activated. The one-line failed to show the functionality of the emergency feeder. A tag was in place for this breaker, but the tag was on the wrong side of the circuit. This catch was caught by experience only because the contract and reference drawings that were provided were not clear on the function of this feeder. We had to determine this feed to temp into new switchgear. If the transfer switch was activated without noticing the backup generator feed, it could have led to electrocution, arc flash, or damage to equipment. Thankfully the superintendent was paying attention and focusing on the one-line and ALL potential power sources or potential back feeds during a walk-down of the outage. After discussions with plant personnel and plant operators, tags were added to the correct locations.

Always remember to Check, Check and Recheck!

Congratulations to Billy Jackson, Shane Belote, Greg Taylor, Josh Crowder, Mason Finch, Wiley Philips, Tryston Streighthorst, Keith Mason, Franky Dominguez, Shon Hastings, and Nick Juma!