Haydon “Sonny” Lasater

Tribute to Haydon “Sonny” Lasater

Many of you will know Sonny as our beloved Ava’s husband, but he means much more to Koontz Electric than that relationship alone. Sonny was Vice President of Estimating for Koontz Electric when he retired in 2004. He was a lifelong electrician, project manager, and estimator, and came to Koontz Electric in 1987. Benny thinks he was the first real “industry professional” who came to a small company from the outside, and he was a difference-maker in the earlier years of Koontz in obtaining profitable industrial work. He had worked in the North Sea between Scotland and England in the 70’s as an electrician during the development of a huge off-shore oil field in a difficult environment. He attended Texas Tech on a basketball scholarship before entering the electrical business. He was an excellent estimator, a fine gentleman, and he was our favorite “Texican”. He married Ava after his first wife Betty’s death about 20 years ago. He had suffered from poor health in the past few years, but Sonny was a tough hombre to the last, and Ava did her best to care for him. Our greatest love and affection go with Ava to Borger Texas where he will buried in a family burial plot, detail and times below. May God rest his beautiful soul.

One of Mr. Lasater's projects was the USACE, St. Louis District, Lock and Dam Rehabilitation #24 & #25 in Clarksville & Winfield, MO.   The Control System for each of the renovated locks was automated by Koontz Electric, with 23 remote Allen-Bradley PLC racks, master PLC cabinets and 5 industrial computer terminals located on lock walls and in the control house. The Control System is interconnected on a Microsoft NT Network via TCP/IP Ethernet LAN with fiber optic cables. There are over 15 miles of individual fibers in each lock and over 400 ST fiber optic connectors. PLC cabinets were fabricated in the panel shop of Koontz Electric and the SCADA software is “RSView”.  This system enables Lock Operators to control - filling and emptying valves, miter gates, spillway gates, navigation lighting, lock lighting, traffic lights, as well as monitor their positions through limit switches, transducers, pressure switches, level switches, etc.

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