Albeni Falls Dam
2376 E. Highway 2
Oldtown, ID 83822

Initial Mobilization / Completion Date

5/9/2022 - estimated 7/31/2023

Contract Amount:



USACE - Seattle District

Job Number:


General Contractor

Koontz Electric Co., Inc.
PM: Stephen Andrews

The scope of work consists of the removal and disposal of three existing three-phase GSU transformers and the associated neutral current transformers and surge arresters. Removal and disposal of three existing panelboards designated 440VAC Power Cabinet, 120VAC panelboard LC14, and 120/240 V panelboard LC15. Provide two new panelboards designated 480VAC Power Cabinet and 12/240V panelboard LC14. Remove and provide new cables and conductors originating from the 440 VAC power cabinet, and the 120VAC cabinet LC14 to the nearest point of termination. Remove cables originating from the 120VAC cabinet LC15 and Provide new cables to existing LC15 loads from the new panelboard LC14. Modify the 15kV tubular bus to make a connection with the new transformer bushings. Install oil containment, quench stone, and new transformer pads for each of the three new GSU transformers. Design of transformer support base, per contract drawings. Make external connections to new GSU transformers. Provide and install new neutral current transformers and surge arresters for each new GSU transformer. Remove three existing nitrogen cabinets and install Government Furnished nitrogen cabinets. Provide, install and commission Dissolved Gas Analyzer. Provide and install a new MOD switch operator grounding pad and new switchyard tower lights.