Little Rock, Arkansas

Initial Mobilization / Completion Date

3/1/2017 - 6/30/2018

Contract Amount:



Arkansas Highway & Transportation Dept.

Job Number:


General Contractor

GC: Massman Construction Co., 
POC: Cooper Kyhl

Sub: Koontz Electric Co., Inc.
PM: Richard Dold

2018 Excellence in Construction Award Project.

Koontz Electric Company Inc. (KECI) was awarded the BROADWAY BRIDGE & ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION project in downtown Little Rock in January of 2015.   The Broadway Bridge started construction in 1921 and was opened on March 14, 1923. The structure is a five-span open-spandrel arch concrete bridge having a length of 2,786 feet, a deck width of 40 feet, and a 24.3-foot vertical clearance. Two spans were replaced with a single steel through arch span in 1974 to provide a navigation channel for the McClellan-Kerr Navigation System on the Arkansas River.  The current project was constructed to replace the existing Arkansas River Broadway Bridge with new approaches and ramps. KECI (Sub) worked in conjunction with Massman Construction (GC) for the Arkansas State Highway Department. (Owner)

KECI’s primary responsibilities for this project included the following:

*  Demolition of the existing fixtures, poles, and electrical on the existing bridge.
*  Installation of temporary navigational lighting while the new bridge is being constructed. 
*  Installation of new navigational light.
*  Installation of new obstruction lights.
*  Installation of (51) roadway light fixtures and poles. 
*  Installation of (61) pedestrian light fixtures and poles.
*  Installation of electrical service and electrical panels
*  Relocation of existing electrical panels.
*  Lightning protection system and grounding system for the entire bridge.