Ft. Randall Transformer Project

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The Ft. Randall Transformer Replacement project involved removing and responsibly disposing of three single-phase 115kv transformers and nine single-phase 230kv transformers. In their place, we installed one three-phase 115kv transformer and three three-phase 230kv transformers.

Koontz Electric Co. Inc. removed existing takeoff towers and installed new ones to integrate the new equipment seamlessly. We also modified bus structures to enhance transformer functionality.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility led us to install oil containment measures to prevent potential spillage. Additionally, we installed new rail track systems for efficient equipment transportation and maintenance.

Overall, the project modernized Ft. Randall Dam’s electrical infrastructure, improving reliability, safety, and environmental compliance.

Koontz Electric Co. Inc. received a challenge coin from the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for their dedication and expertise. This coin signifies the trust earned as a valued partner supporting USACE’s mission.

It underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and our role in projects strengthening our nation’s defense capabilities. This honor highlights our technical proficiency and the enduring partnership between the private sector and USACE, safeguarding vital infrastructure.

These elements reflect the collaborative efforts that enhanced the Ft. Randall Dam project’s success and the broader mission of infrastructure improvement