Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Initial Mobilization / Completion Date

7/7/2020 - 10/9/2020

Contract Amount:



Signify North America Corporation
POC: Greg Jones

Job Number:


General Contractor

Koontz Electric Co., Inc.
PM: Paul Zimmerman

The project generally consists of the design, engineering, and installation of Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting Equipment (archipoint and flexelite lighting) on the Hoan Bridge. The equipment will be the first aesthetic lighting installed on the Bridge.

The project included the installation and commissioning of the lighting equipment. The equipment consists primarily of two lighting “types” Archipoint and Flexelite lighting. The complete installation service included power, brackets, cabinets, conduit, wires, circuit breakers, cable, network hardware, mounting hardware, 120V power network switches, transformers, utility connection, and internet connection to the main control cabinet, safety and traffic control. All lights were installed physically without disturbing the custom paint job on the bridge. The equipment included 2600 nodes of the Flexelite that outlined the arch below and above the bridge deck. The Archipoint fixtures we installed along the outside beam of the bridge deck. All fixtures will use a combination of red, green, blue, and white LEDs to achieve static and dynamic color shows for every day, special events, and/or holidays.

KECI installed the lighting control network that utilized a fiber-optic backbone. Ethernet switches distributes lighting information to Data Enabler Pro devices that merge line voltage with lighting control data and deliver power and data to the fixtures over a single standard cable.

This project was completed on time and under budget.