1487 Hwy 177
Salesville, AR 72653

Initial Mobilization / Completion Date

6/1/2021 - estimated 7/1/2023

Contract Amount:



USACE - Little Rock District

Job Number:


General Contractor

Koontz Electric Co., Inc.
PM: Jamie Zimmerman

Scope of work consists of design, manufacture, and factory test two 40,000/53,000 kVA, 161kV high-voltage winding (H)/13.2 kV delta low-voltage winding (X), cooling class ONAN/ONAF, three-phase GSU power transformers and accessories. Deliver two GSU power transformers and accessories f.o.b. destination Norfork Dam power plant. Off-load and coordinate the movement of each transformer with the separate installations contractor, and locate the transformers on the mounting pads in the position as indicated by the installations contractor. Off-load the accessory crates into the switchyard at the indicated temporary storage location. Perform reassembly of each transformer on its mounting pad, perform oil-filling and processing, all required field tests, and final transformer cleaning and touch-up painting. Fumish spare parts. Provide manufacturer’s Erecting Engineer services for witnessing all site movement and work performed. Provide Commissioning Agent services.