West Monroe Reliability Improvements
Perryville 230kV and 500kV Substations, Sterlington, LA
Baxter Wilson Substation, Vicksburg, MS
Sterlington 115kV & 500kV Substations - Sterlington, LA
Selman Fields 13.8k/69/230kV Substations Monroe, LA

Initial Mobilization / Completion Date

4/6/2020 - 4/17/2020

Contract Amount:



Entergy Louisiana, LLC

Job Number:

20-2903 - 20-2908

General Contractor

GC: Burn & McDonnell Engineering Company, Inc
POC: Charles Walis
Sub: Koontz Electric Co., Inc.
PM: Clayton Wilkins

Koontz Electric was contracted to perform the electrical portion of the Entergy West Monroe Reliability Improvement Capital Project upgrading and expanding the electrical transmission grid around West Monroe.
Scope of work consisted of conduit, relay protection, steel demolition and erection, and electrical equipment demolition and installation work at the Perryville 500kV Substation, new Perryville Expansion 500/230kV Substation, Rilla 155kV Substation, Rilla Expansion 230/115kV Substation, Selman Field 230/69/13.8kV Substations, Sterlington 500kV Substation, Sterlington 115kV Substation, and the Baxter Wilson 500kV Substation.