July Good Catch Award

August 9, 2023

The July Good Catch Winner goes to Zach Andrews and his OG&E Crew. On July 10th Zach and Cory were walking the substation and heard an arcing sound. They noticed the exit feeder was melted and 30’ of the distribution line had dropped and was arching off the guy wire holding up the distribution pole and resting on the C-Phase. The crew immediately exited the site to the muster point and contacted the customer to make the necessary repairs. The attention to detail and quick action by Zach and Cory eliminated the opportunity for a potential incident.

Congratulations to the team and come by the office to pick up your reward!


Zach Andrews, Cory Coggins, Dillon Johnson, Quaylan James, Luke Andrews, John Gunderman, Justin Crowder