Koontz Electric’s Third Generation

January 28, 2022

Benny Koontz, President, Chief Executive Officer, and sole owner, is proud to transfer Koontz Electric to the third generation.  Koontz Electric has been setting the standard for safety, quality, and integrity, since 1958, when founded by Benny’s father Keith.  The largest electrical contractor in the state for many years, as ranked by Arkansas Business, with over $60 Million in annual revenues, Koontz Electric takes pride in working safely, ethically, and profitably, for the betterment of our employees, customers, and community.  Providing electrical design, and construction services, for renewable energy and high voltage grid projects, coast to coast, and border to border. This succession plan was made possible by generosity and owner-financing from Benny, and significant credit facilities from Relyance Bank. 

New owners include his son Bryce Koontz (Vice President/Business Development), Nephew Paul Zimmerman (Vice President/High Voltage Division), Nephew Jamie Zimmerman (Vice President/Government Affairs), Nephew Matt Zimmerman (Vice President/CFO), Nephew Joseph Dold (Vice President/Utility CRM), and Jeremy Stell (Vice President/Technical Services Division).  Most of whom started at the company as teenagers, with over 100 years of service.

They will be led by senior owners Dean Hoover (President/CEO), Jeff Ludwig (Executive Vice President/CRO), and Richard Dold (Executive Vice President/COO), who also have over 100 years of service to the company.