May Good Catch Award

June 10, 2024

The May Good Catch winner goes to Ben Noll’s crew at Denison Dam in Texas. While installing sections of Motor Control Centers (MCC’s), the crew discovered a pair of scissors lying on top of a breaker. The crew noticed the scissors after unwrapping the MCC section and doing a thorough inspection of the breaker buckets as well as the bus connections. The scissors had an employee’s name on them that didn’t belong to Koontz. These were left here by a factory employee. Because of this thorough inspection, the crew avoided a possible arc flash during the energizing process. The runner-up for the May Good Catch goes to the Southland crew in Council Bluff Iowa

Congratulations to everyone, and a special thanks to the May 2024 ‘Good Catch’ winners. Only 2 “Good Catches” were submitted for May 2024. These ‘Good Catches’ are not just about recognition, they are crucial in maintaining our safety standards. We encourage all crews to actively participate in this process, as your vigilance can prevent potential hazards. Your contribution is vital in keeping our workplace safe.

Crew Members : Ben Noll, Paul Eller, Brett Story, Jeff Spand, Jake Bull, Blake Wyles, Marcus Wood, Elijah Orsbun