Shelli Crowell with Koontz Electric delivers a donation and took a tour of a program called Hope Alive

November 30, 2020

On November 9th, Shelli Crowell with Koontz Electric delivered a donation and took a tour of a program called Hope Alive.

A message from Shelli,

“While I understood the fundamental mission of Hope Alive, I left with more of an idea of what’s involved in this program. While men come to commit to six months to a year in the residential program and heal from addiction, I immediately saw that this was way more than it seemed.

Hope Alive is a ministry to those with addiction, and was founded to create new life for those battling, sending them back into society as whole and productive citizens. Their mission statement: “Hope Alive exists to bring glory to God by helping those in addiction find hope and freedom through the power of Jesus Christ, the truth of His Word, and the help of His church”.

Expecting to tour the old rock church when I drove up to meet Craig Beck, Public Relations Coordinator and former employee of Koontz Electric, I was surprised that it wasn’t just an old building. There was so much more to visit at the grounds! There was work involved in renovating this establishment in Oppelo to bring it to where it is; a sanctuary, a classroom, living quarters, bathrooms, an apartment for the coordinator, and, in the other shop building, offices, bathrooms, a warm living area, and a beautiful kitchen to cook and break bread together. ALL BRAND NEW!

As most of our grandmothers used to say, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”. These men have gone through this program working with their hands, going through classes, worshiping and learning about what God’s word really meant to create such an old adage. They live together, learn together, work together, cook together, see each other’s families heal together, and they finish the program with positive tools, the most positive being that they’re God’s children and what His word and promises can provide for them in their futures to continue to beat addiction.

I personally got to hang out and meet some of the men. I saw life in their eyes, their feeling of accomplishment, happiness being together, and HOPE. Hope is all we have. I am so glad that Hope Alive is there for men when their families are torn and troubles seem too much for both the addict and the ones supporting them at home. These exhausting emotions while trying to conquer the disease of addiction can’t be done by man alone. I am grateful for such a place for these guys to bond. Overall, I left not judging, but knowing they were my brothers in Christ and we all belong to one family, encouraging one another to get through life on earth.

The men were in much appreciation of how far our donation will go far in the works left to be done.”