March Good Catch Award

April 11, 2023

The March Good Catch Winner is the Norfork, AR Crew.

On March 14th the crew was troubleshooting a 120vac circuit when they realized the neutral was charged. It was determined the neutral was floating and had a 120vac charge due to 2 circuits from 2 separate panels sharing the same neutral. Since Koontz treats all components as energized, the crew proactively took the appropriate safety precautions before the discovery of the charged neutral which prevented serious injury.

Congratulation to the crew! Please come by the office to get your award.

Crew members:

Superintendent Billy Jackson, Jeff Spand, Brandon Holder, Shane Belote, Tim Edmunds, Greg Taylor, James Plummer, Tryston Streithorst, Denver Warren, Eli Harris, Kirk Perrault, Joel Cates